1.  A picture of a person inside

I chose to take and use this picture because i thoguht that with the lighing behind her and her being in focus and everything behind her being more blured and very light that it was a good picture that complimented the silhouette of the person.

2. A picture of a person outside

I chose to use this photo because i think that with the lighting in behind being very light and the sky a white ish blue color mixed with the white of the snow it really compliments the dark colors and shoes and hair that the girl in this photo has.

3. A natural portrait of some one who is not looking at the camera

I decided to take this picture because I really like the stance that she is in. Although I was mostly just snappig pictures I happened to take this one andI think it is good. I like the walking pose it makes her look non chalant, not in a way where you can tell she isnt supposed to be looking, but as though she really doesnt know I am taking a picture. And although there is a white lightish blur on one side I still like the picture.

4. A close up of an object

I took this photo because I was wondering what to take for the picture of a close up object and I saw this and when I looked at it, the purple flower against the white-beige background looked very interesting to me. Although the picture gets a little blury near the bottom of the flower I still like the overall photo.

5.  A picture of a building

This picture was taken because the old house looks like it belongs hidden behind the trees that are in front of it and it looks like it all belongs together as they are. I think it is a very striking picture.

6. A picture of alot of something

This picture was taken because i think that the pine cones with the green of the rest of the tree all comes together very nicely and you can still tell what you are looking at that there is alot of. (the pine cones)

7. A picture of a color

I took this piture because although you can’t really tell here the tiles are a blueish color and i liked the color of them in person.

8. A picture of a texture

I took this picture because even from head on you can see all of the texture of the wall, how it is rough but at the same time the top of the stucko is smoothed down so it is almost like two textures in one.

9. A picture of hands or a hand

I took this because I needed a picture of a hand and thought I could do something cool with that. So this guy is in the background and although it looks like it isnt his hand it is, and i think this picture is really cool because it is a picture of a hand and then it looks like it doesnt belong to the body.

10. A picture that shows repitition

I took this picture because I think that the repitition of the seats in the cafateria looks really cool when they are all lined up liek this.

11. A low angle picture

This picture was taken because I think that since it is all pretty mcuh horizontal and you just see this head poking out above that it looks really cool and is a neat picture of a low angle.

12. A picture of a high angle

I took this picture because I thought that when you look up at the eagle it looks really cool so i took a picture of it.

13. A picture of some one moving

I took this picture because all though she is not very close to the camera I really like the way the hair is fanning out in the back as she runs and the facial expression she has. It is goofy and completes the picture in my opinion.

14. Bonus

I took this picture because volleyball is my favorite sport and this is my favorite ball to use in practice. I think it is a good picture, the ball stands out from its background because it is a bright picture and i like it.

15. Bonus

I took this picture because you can see very clearly the subject of the photo (cup) and I really like the dog that is on the cup as well, i think that the cup has a cute picture on it. So i thought that Iwould take a picture and see what it turned out as and I like it very much.