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Combination Logo’s

The following four photos are all examples of Combination logo’s. They use words and images for their logos to get the point across.

Out of all four of these logos i think that the addidas one is the best. The 3 stripes are on the addidas shoes and everyone associates them with the addidas product and the whole logo together is simple and to the point and you know excactly what it is for. It doesnt have any unnecsisary words in it. Also it works well in black and white or color and the design is one that can be used for some many years to come as it has worked in the past because it is so simple it is timeless. It is over all a good logo.

The four following logos are all examples of Figurative mark logo’s. They use a symbol or an icon for a picture representation of the company. The companys that use these logos are long established companys that many  people already know. If done right this logo can have the most impact!

Out of these four photos i think that the crocs logo is the best. Just by looking at it you can understand that it is for crocs because of the crocodile. Also, it works in black and white as you can tell but it could work in color too. It is also very practical and i dont think it will go out of style any time soom and the company can get use out of it for a long time. It is simple and to the point and i think it is a good logo for its product.

The four following logo’s are examples of logos that use letters or a letter from the company to show that the company does modifying shapes or letters and distorting company initials.

Of all of these four photos i think that the NFL one is the best. This logo is very simple and at the same time it still catches your eye. The way that the letters swerve down create interest for people to look at it. Also, thislogo is one tat you would know even if it was in black and white. It is also simple and timeless as it will never go out of style and the compnay will be able to use it for many more years to come.

Wordmark Logo’s

All four of these logo’s are an example of Wordmark logo’s. This means that it is just the company or brand actually spelled as the logo. Many of these logo’s have a “company font” which is the font that the logo is always printed in as well.  

Out of these four different word mark logos I think that google is the best of them. It is simple and colorful which catches your attention. Also, it isn’t too trendy so this design will last the compan more many more years to come as it has already lasted them many years. It also doesnt have anything unneccisary it just says google which is what you need to know and thats it. The font is very easy to read so you are never guessing what it saysand over all the design is just very practical. So i think that the google design logo is a very good logo.

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