I took this picture because it was right after we got the huge amount of snow and I thought that maybe it would look cool to take a picture of. Then with the night lamp thing in the back ground it made the lighting of the picture really interesting. I also think it looks cool because you can see all of the snow and it looks like that is the focus.

I took this picture because to me it reminds me of some one looking outside and realizing how much snow there is and wishing there wasn’t so  much so that you could go outside.

In this picture the focus is the tree. With the lighting in the back ground I thought that the picture looked really cool because it has sort of an eery feeling to it.

For this picture the focus is time. The focus of this picture is the sky. With the trees all being black and dark it really draws your attention to the sky, which I think is the best part of this photo. This is one of my favourite photos out of all of them.

For this picture the focus is the trees and all of the snow on them. To me with the contrast of the dark trees and the white snow and dark background it looks like a very cool picture. It just looks very calm and surrene.

For this picture I was nostly trying to get a picture of the orange bright sky against the dark trees and buildings and the lightness of the rest of the sky and see what kind of out come I would get.

For this picture I was tryingto show the snow falling against all of the snow already in the trees and the darkness of the night.

For this picture I was really trying to show the sky. I think that the sky looks really really awesome in this photo. The way all of the colors blend together and how odd the bottom and top seems together. Although it is all one picture it looks like I took two different ones, kropped them and then put them together.  I didnt how ever and that is what I really like about this photo.

For this picture there really isnt a focal point. I wanted to take a picture of the settings as a whole. I think that against the bright sky in between the tress the darkness of the trees really looks awesome and creates a very nice over all picture.

I took this picture because I think that   as a whole it looks like a very onteresting photo and I really like the way it turned out.