For this assignment we had to find a picture that was not already colored in or a line art photo. Then we had to create new layers and fill in each area with the colors we wanted and make the picture look how we wanted them to look. So I chose this picture of a fairy and colored it in, then added the yellow back ground. Although it was a lengthy process, i am very happy with the out come!

This is the before photo of the clone stamp tool assignment.

This is the after picture of the clone stamp tool assignment. I was very happy with the way that this picture turned out. I thought that it looked pretty natural and almost like there was never a car behind her and it just looks like she was sitting in a forest. I used the clone stamp tool and i put it where the original trees were and then I just used the clone stamp tool to make the trees every where else. At the bottom I used this tool again to make the ground look better and to try and make it look as though you can’t tell there was a car.

This picture is one of my favorites. I really like how the people are sitting on top of the plane and how the lady looks like she is looking around almost and that she is looking how far up high they are. I also like how the boy looks almost afraid and wishing that someone would save him. I think that the facial expressions are really good for this picture. How I did this picture was, I found the picture of the background plane on google. Then I found the picture of the lady and of the boy and used the polygonal lasso tool and cut them out. Then I moved them onto the back ground and then I made them sitting on the plane in a way that looked natural. To finish off the photo I changed the opacity of the two people to make them looked like they belonged better. I am happy with this photo! 

This is the before picture for when I manipulated this image.

 This is the after product of for when I was manipulating images. First of all I pressed the “q” button and painted all of the hair the opaque red. Then I pressed “q” again and then inverse and then I was only dealing with the hair. I then created a new layer and put a solid pink color in it. Then changed the blending option to soft light and duplicated the layer. Then i changed the color of the second layer until I was satisfied with the look I got. Then I did the same technique for the eyes and tried to make them a color that went good with the hair and looked really cool! I am very happy with the way that this assignment turned out.

Although this was the first assingment we did it is still one of my favorites. I think that although it may be alittle rough, it still acomplished what the assignment was. I think that it showed who I am and i did it fairly well. First I found a background that I like and it just happened to have a dog which I liked. Then I decided to go along with the sunset theme and try and make everything dark colored or black to look like it belonged. I then though about what makes me me and I found photos that I liked. I used the polygonal lasso tool to cut out the pictures I wanted to put on and then erased what ever shouldnt be on the photos so they looked just right. Then I went on facebook and found a photo of my self and cut that out as well and put it on the corner. Since I didnt want to make it black and white i put it at the front so that it was as though the camera flash would make it lighter than the rest of the photo. Then to finish it off I put my name on the picture and I was done.